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The best of lists is without a doubt the best thing on this site.  Scroll down and you can see all the moves. The Categories section is an index which takes you to different types of acro.

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A note on safety... Acro can be dangerous to the initiated. Use spotters and practice accurate self assessment.


Click on a category below and the link will take you to more of each item.

  1. Best Washing Machines
  2. J and D Washing Machines
  3. Common Machines
  4. Easy Machines
  5. Parts of Symmetrical Machines
  6. Symmetrical Washing Machines
  7. J and D Symmetrical Washing Machines
  8. Group Washing Machines
  9. J and D Group Washing Machines
  10. Dance Lifts
  11. Reciprocals
  12. Standing Moves
  13. Pops, Whips, & Icarian
  14. Icarian Inspiration
  15. Counter Balances, Poses, & Flags
  16. J and D Counterbalances and Poses
  17. Rolling Sequences/Ralphs
  18. The Uncategorizable
  19. Community Playlist
  20. Machine Contests
  21. Conveyer Belts

Best Washing Machines

These are the best washing machines around, in our humble opions, according to Jacob and Debbie. (FLF) means flyer leans forward. (FLB) means flyer leans back. "Regular" and "Reverse" are arbitrary designations. Typically the "regular" version is the direction in which the machine was first tried.

  1. Boomerangs
  2. Barrel Rolls
  3. Catherines Wheels
  4. Catherines Wheels Reverse
  5. Catherines Wheels (FLB) w/RH2H
  6. Catherines Wheels (FLF) w/H2H
  7. Kick Ninja
  8. Helicopters Reverse
  9. Flying Crescent
  10. Kracken
  11. Debbie Topless
  12. Merry Go Rounds
  13. Flatspin
  14. Floaty Machine
  15. Helicopters
  16. Hurricane
  17. London Spins
  18. London Spins Reverse
  19. Monkey Bars
  20. Ninja Stars
  21. Swimming Mermaid
  22. Pistons
  23. Pizza Flipper
  24. Monkey Frogs
  25. Carousel
  26. Hamster wheels
  27. Swim School
  28. Scenic Route
  29. Tierimisu
  30. Rotisseries
  31. Roller Coaster
  32. Temple Spins
  33. Split Rotisserie
  34. Twisted Tornado
  35. Queen of Hearts
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Common Machines

These could be called the most commonly done washing machines. There are hundreds of washing machines out there.  This list will help you cut to the chase and start with ones which many other people know.

  1. Washing Machine Skill Test
  2. 4, 3, 2, 1 Step
  3. Catherines Wheels
  4. Barrel Rolls
  5. Biglemoi
  6. High Barrel Rolls
  7. London Spins
  8. Boomerangs
  9. Carousel
  10. Ninja Stars
  11. Pistons
  12. Monkey Frogs
  13. Tumbleweed
  14. Rotisseries
  15. Nunchucks
  16. Propellers
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Easy Machines

For beginners, even the easiest washing machines are very difficult. Debbie and I don't consider someone to be intermediate until they can do barrel rolls, high barrel rolls, and ninja stars confidently.  Therefore a list of best washing machines for beginners can be useful. I have them in order from easier to more challenging.

  1. Barrel Rolls
  2. Biglemoi
  3. Crotch Paper Scissors
  4. High Barrel Rolls
  5. Ninja Bats
  6. Ninja Stars
  7. Revolution
  8. Whirly Gate
  9. Whirlygigs
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J and D Washing Machines

Not all of these washing machines were made by Jacob and Debbie but they were made by at least one of the two. Many were made by Jacob before he met Debbie. Also washing machines are never made by only one person. You always have the help of at least one other person. You can see the names of the other contributors if you look in the YouTube description of each video.

  1. Bowshock
  2. Bow Cycle
  3. Back Perfect Storm
  4. Lux Machine
  5. Topsy Turvey
  6. Nunchucks
  7. Perfect Storm Variation
  8. Slingshot Lemoi
  9. Swiss Watch
  10. Schwifty
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Symmetrical Machine Parts

This section is for washing machines which help you learn long symmetrical washing machines. Debbie and I have found that only certain machines can be used to make a long symmetrical washing machine, such as the Perfect Spiral. Be sure to practice both sides!

  1. Boomerangs
  2. High Barrel Rolls
  3. Barrel Rolls
  4. Rotisseries
  5. Biglemoi
  6. Pistons
  7. Ninja Stars
  8. Propellers
  9. London Spins
  10. Nunchucks
  11. Carousel
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Symmetrical Washing Machines

Symmetrical Washing machines are a different kind of washing machines. They cause the flyer to turn in figure 8s rather then just a circle.

  1. Bananas
  2. Circuit Runner
  3. Gargantua
  4. Nimble Infinity
  5. Mandlebrot
  6. Naked Singularities
  7. Sit and Spin/Papaya Twist
  8. Sewing Machine
  9. Pierre Flaire
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J and D Symmetrical Washing Machines

After making my first few symmetrical washing machines this is the kind I have been making almost exclusively. Debbie and I have made many with our friends.

  1. Amazon
  2. Nataraj
  3. Whirly Starbender
  4. Debtron
  5. Day Dream
  6. Dream Machine
  7. Dream
  8. Koala Flop
  9. Psychedelic Lights
  10. Layer Cake
  11. Gizmo
  12. Immaculate Conception
  13. Fandango
  14. Neutron Starfish
  15. Flip Flop
  16. Perfect Corkscrew
  17. Perfect Spiral
  18. Pretty Lights
  19. Gargantuan Whirly Flaire
  20. Revolutions
  21. Lux Machine
  22. Thinking Star
  23. Hypnogogic State
  24. Tesseract
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Group Washing Machines

These are Jacob and Debbie's favorite group washing machines excluding ones made by ourselves.

  1. Alioop
  2. Bat Throne Machine
  3. Hobsatron 9000
  4. Infinininja
  5. Musical Chairs
  6. Ships at Night
  7. Through the Hole
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J and D Group Washing Machines

These are group washing machines made by Jacob and Debbie and their friends. To see the names of all people involved in helping to make the machine please look in the YouTube description.

  1. 360 Threesome
  2. 3 Person 420 Machine
  3. 4 Person 420 Machine
  4. Angry Birds
  5. Back to the Womb
  6. Boom Boom a Rang
  7. Boom Boom a Rang Rang
  8. Cuddle Machine
  9. Double Dizzle
  10. Dizerator Piston
  11. Debbie Whip Machine
  12. Game of Thrones
  13. Game of Whips
  14. Kate Machine
  15. Luigi & Fra #1
  16. Luigi & Fra #2
  17. Luigi & Fra #3
  18. Maternity Ward
  19. Mediterranean Machine
  20. Ninja Revolution Machine
  21. Rissa Rooney Machine
  22. Toferken
  23. Zona Norte
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Dance Lifts

Dance lifts are difficult to categorize.  There is not a tradition of naming dace lifts like there is with washing machines. Debbie and I describe them rather than give them names, like "the hand stand fall over to hand stand on knee". Did we mention that we love dance lifts?! With dance lifts the base lifts the whole weight of the flyer but the moves are generally easier than standing.

  1. Back Walk Over
  2. 3 Split Lift
  3. 180 Lift
  4. Ballroom Lift
  5. Crotch to Face
  6. Crotch Lever to Shoulder Arch
  7. Eric and Miyoko Lift
  8. Lift, Cradle, Walk Over
  9. Morgan Lift
  10. Mambo Lift
  11. Fish Flip
  12. Eagle Lift
  13. Front Walk Over
  14. Faith Lift 1
  15. Faith Lift 2
  16. Faith Lift 3
  17. Roll to High Rev Bird
  18. Table Top
  19. Scarf
  20. Off Shoulder Lift
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These are moves, usually done with two standing people, who lean back and forth to pick each other up in various ways. I got a lot of these from Ezra Lebank.

  1. Curly Q
  2. Drunken Sailor
  3. Ezra Moves
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Counterbalances, Poses, Flags

This is a fun category with many entries. As you can see they make sweet acro pictures.

  1. Crotch Lever
  2. Counter Balance 1
  3. Counter Balance 2
  4. Drifter
  5. Double Shoulder Stagger
  6. Four Person Flag
  7. Lean Split
  8. Lovers Pose
  9. Morgan Pose
  10. Pyramid
  11. Sextant
  12. Split Lever (coming soon)
  13. Spiderman Kiss
  14. Rev H2H Pose
  15. Totem Pole
  16. Throne Face Away
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J and D Counterbalances, Poses, & Flags

Poses Created by Jacob and Debbie and their friends.

  1. The Ferdinand
  2. The Mustache
  3. Liberty Balance
  4. Hand Stand on Leg
  5. The W (coming soon)
  6. Throne Facing
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These are standing acrobatics moves. The moves listed are ones which Jacob and Debbie love to do.

  1. Camel
  2. Dolphin
  3. Dirty Bird AKA Obscene Pickup
  4. Standing Low H2H
  5. Standing Low Reverse H2H (coming soon)
  6. Extended High H2H (coming soon)
  7. High Cradle
  8. High Shoulderstand (coming soon)
  9. Iron Cross (coming soon)
  10. Toss to Hand Stand on Shoulders
  11. Roll up to Reverse Bird (coming soon)
  12. One Arm Shoulderstand (coming soon)
  13. Jump to High Side Star
  14. Lift to High Side Star
  15. Torch
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Pops, Whips, and Icarian

I thought I should put all these together because some moves are whips, pops, and icarian all at the same time. This is generally in order from easy to hard. When I say "Back Throne" I mean the flyer faces away from the base. When I say "Back Whip" I mean the flyer leans backwards to do the whip.

  1. Crepe
  2. Bird, Tarzan, Whale
  3. Bird, Tarzan, Throne
  4. Front Throne Back Whip
  5. Back Throne Back Whip
  6. One Leg Whip
  7. Throne, Tarzan, Throne
  8. Bird, Throne, Bed Machine
  9. Icarian Back Whips
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Icarian Inspiration

Icarian is one of the most amazing things that humans can do. These people are the best.

  1. Addis Brothers
  2. Fratelli Rossi
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Rolling Sequences/Ralphs

Debbie and I decided to make a name for a type of acro we like. Rolling sequences include a lot of catherines wheels, F2H, H2H, shoulder stands, sometimes whips and pops. They stay in a vertical plane, often moving from l-base to standing and back. People ask me why I call them Ralphs. It is because I am constantly naming things and trying to come up with names which somehow signify the move. I got tired of all this contrived meaning one day so I made a completely random name.

  1. Ralph 1
  2. Ralph 2
  3. Ralph 3
  4. Ralph 4
  5. Ralph 5
  6. Ralph 6
  7. Ralph 7
  8. Ralph 8
  9. Ralph 9
  10. Walk Over
  11. Paintbrush Flow
  12. Laura Lebron Ralphs
  13. Rachel Rubin Ralphs
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The Uncategorizable

These are moves which do not fit into any of the obvious categories.

  1. Double Monkey
  2. Pinwheel
  3. Alien Walk
  4. Tagada
  5. Butt to Butt Rolls
  6. Cuddle to F2F
  7. Lever to RH2H
  8. Spider Launch to Rev Bird
  9. Lawn Mower
  10. 3 High Ninja
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You Can Add To This List

Anyone can add to this list as long as it is an acro video on YouTube. Click on the "Add Videos" link after clicking YouTube Public Acro Playlist.

  1. YouTube Public Acro Playlist
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Washing Machine Contests

Under construction...

Acro is not all about contests, but sometimes it is. These are videos in which people make records of number of times they do a certain washing machine. Sometimes with a time limit, eg how many perfect storms in a minute, or no limit, eg how many ninja stars before they collapse from exhaustion.

  1. Ninja Stars
  2. Perfect Storms
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Conveyer Belts

This is a move requiring a large group in which bases form and line and flyers move from base to base in different ways.

  1. Monkey Frog Conveyer Belt
  2. Whale Whip Line
  3. Catherines Wheel Conveyer Belt
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