Best Washing Machines

There are hundreds of washing machines out there. The main page has every machine alphabetically. This page lists what Debbie and I feel are the best out of a few different categories.

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Best Washing Machines

These are the best washing machines around, in our humble opinions, according to Jacob and Debbie.  .




Best Machines by J and D

Best washing machines made by Jacob and Debbie, or at least one of the two.

Best Symmetrical Machines

Symmetrical Washing machines are a different kind of washing machines. They cause the flyer to turn in figure 8s rather then just a circle. These are our favorite symmetrical machines made from people aside from Jacob and Debbie.

Best Symmetrical Machines by J and D

After making our first few symmetrical washing machines this is the kind Debbie and I have been making almost exclusively.



Really Really Long

Best Group Machines

These are Jacob and Debbie's favorite group washing machines excluding ones made by ourselves.

Best Group Machines by J and D

These are group washing machines made by Jacob and Debbie and their friends. To see the names of all people involved in helping to make the machine please look in the YouTube description.




Chris Cox Fav 5 Machines

Fadi Hamdan Fav 5 Machines

Debbie's Fav 5 by J & D

Debbie's Fav 5 by Others