Our Acro Instruction Business

Debbie and Jacob have been in business as acro instructors for years but they are now making an effort to turn "Jacob and Debbie Acro" into a more legitimate venture. All good businesses need a good mission statement. This provides a concise overview of the aims of our business. Writing a good mission statement also forces people to focus on what matters most to them. Writing is thinking. Sometimes you don't even know what your goals are unless you write them down. So here it is.

Mission Statement

"Jacob and Debbie Acro" was created to provide high quality acro instruction to people all over the world. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, we strive to improve the mental and physical health of our students.  We emphasize grace and fluidity in movement. We recommend repetition and hard work to achieve your goals. We aim to impart to our students the emotional and spiritual benefits of acro we have learned on the way. Our goal is to branch out and find new ways to teach, new places to explore, new communities with which to share our practice.

Please send inquiries to jacobanddebbieacro@gmail.com