Jacob and Debbie have taught at many major festivals around the world. We have taught at...

It is a great privilege to teach at big acro festivals. Each one is a big acro family reunion because our friends congregate at these places even though they live all over the world. The atmosphere of a festival is fast paced and physically demanding. Of course everyone chooses how much they want to participate, but most throw themselves into the fray, knowing that there is a lot to do in a short amount of time.

There is a wealth of talented people and teachers all gathered in one place. You look at the schedule and do your best to take favorite classes. These are difficult choices because there are sometimes as many as 16 classes all going on at once and you can only do one class at a time. Debbie and I are filled with gratitude that we can teach at these events. We are honored that so many acrobats take our classes. We put a great amount of effort into planning them. We want the students who chose our class to feel effort we put into making their experience special.