More Acro

There are many categories of acro. I put many in here just because I didn't want so many menu buttons. The main categories are in the menu and the more obscure are here. This is all still really good stuff. Check it out.


Conveyer Belts

This is a move requiring a large group in which bases form lines and flyers move from base to base in different ways.

Kaleidoscope Acro

This is a link to a YouTube playlist of Kaleidoscope acro


These are moves, usually done with two standing people, who lean back and forth to pick each other up in various ways. I got a lot of these from Ezra Lebank.


When a group of acrobats organizes a surprise acro performance

Rolling Sequences/Ralphs

Debbie and I decided to make a name for a type of acro we like. Rolling sequences include a lot of catherines wheels, F2H, H2H, shoulder stands, sometimes whips and pops. They stay in a vertical plane, often moving from l-base to standing and back. People ask me why I call them Ralphs. It is because I am constantly naming things and trying to come up with names which somehow signify the move. I got tired of all this contrived meaning one day so I made a completely random name.

L-Base Counterbalances & Supine Poses

These are l-base, supine, sitting, on knees,

The Uncategorizable

These are moves which do not fit into any of the obvious categories.