Patreon Lessons

Debbie Collis and Jacob Brown have been making acrobatics instructional videos on Patreon since August 2017. Patreon allows people to donate an amount of their choosing each time we post a lesson. Our current patrons donate between 1 and 10 dollars per video, but you could specify any amount.

There are currently more than 25 lessons on our Patreon channel. We started with washing machines, because this is a good way to give your body the sensitivity to move onto harder skills like Icarian and whips. Once you become a Patron you can immediately see all the lessons because you only pay each time we post a new lesson.

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The first item links to the Patreon lesson. The "Demo" takes you to a short video preview of the lesson. (free) is for some Patreon lessons which are free to view for non-patrons. The list is roughly in the order in which the moves should be learned.


Washing Machines

Dance Lifts

Older Lessons

These are lessons which I made before getting on Patreon.